About Mark’s Valley Grading, Inc. & Mark’s Demolition and Excavating, Inc.

Since 1985, Mark’s Valley Grading has been one of Arizona’s trusted grading companies providing the highest quality of services and customer satisfaction. Based in Mesa, AZ, we are centrally located to service the surrounding areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert. Mark’s Valley Grading is such a diversified company, we are able to offer the following services: demolition, grading, excavation, backfill, fine grading, paving, seal coating and clean up in both commercial and residential projects. Our projects range from small residential house pads to 500,000 sq. foot commercial pads. We recently completed the well-known West World Equidome/Barrett Jackson Auto Auction Expansion in the City of Scottsdale, AZ. This was a 10+ acre project that consisted of demolition, site work and paving.


Mark’s Valley Grading has been servicing our demolition division and decided to become more aggressive in this trade and opened a new entity known as Mark’s Demolition and Excavating. Mark’s Demolition not only appeals to the demand of the demolition market, but has a well experienced team offering complete exterior and interior demolition both in commercial and residential with a focus on tenant improvements. We provide high quality heavy equipment, equipment transportation and haul off of all debris. Mark’s Demolition has completed numerous demolition projects ranging from small wall remodels to demolition of multiple city blocks and shopping centers. Just as Safety is our #1 priority with Mark’s Valley Grading, we take this very seriously with Mark’s Demolition as well. We have expanded our safety program to satisfy the additional risks that are associated with demolition projects.

If “What We Do” already isn’t enough, Mark’s Valley Grading purchased a landfill in 2005 now known as Contractor’s Landfill and Recycling, where “we take it and we make it”. Here we accept clean concrete, asphalt and dirt from our demolition projects, discarding of materials from other contractors as well as the general public. The concrete and asphalt that is discarded at our location is then recycled through our crusher system and distributed back into the industry allowing for a “green” approach to construction. This newly recycled material is tested by the City of Mesa and/or by a private testing company to meet specification requirements. This material can be used for road base, floor sub base, backfill material and to assist in the development of temporary or permanent roadways. At Contractor’s Landfill and Recycling not only are you are able to purchase a wide variety of material: ABC, GSA, dirt, 1-3” track out, pad fill material, top soil, concrete sand and mortar sand but we also offer truck rental and material hauling from your construction project to our landfill location. We are an “eco-friendly” company which means a lot to today’s consumers. (

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