Brandon Haight

Brandon Haight was born in Pennsylvania on June 30th, 1982. He was raised by Father Donald “Mark” Haight and Mother Lori Louise Haight. Brandon moved to Chandler, Arizona in 1985 with his parents and older sister. At around the age of eleven Brandon’s family decided to move to Gilbert, Arizona where he attended elementary, junior high and high school.  Brandon has always followed in his dad’s footsteps from the time he could walk. Mark’s hobbies always revolved around the outdoors which inspired Brandon to find a love for the great outdoors himself. He excelled tremendously in archery and animal calling and won tournament after tournament before he even hit his teenage years. He was destined to be a great hunter and still is today!

With such an early love for hunting and a time consuming hobby, Brandon benefited from working for the family business and having the flexibility to make his own hours and take off when the boss did! He started working in the mechanic shop around the age of 16 and from there worked his way up to Vice President of Project Services. He now manages over 100 employees and makes sure the day to day services of our grading and demolition side run as smooth as possible. With Brandon’s vast knowledge base when it comes to the dirt industry, He is without a doubt a valuable asset to Mark’s Valley Grading, Mark’s Demolition and Excavating and Contractor’s Landfill and Recycling.  He loves a good demolition project, inside and out and can operate any piece of machinery we own.

In 2008 Brandon had his first child Connor. In 2012, Brandon married his longtime girlfriend and love of his life Taryn Krueger and shortly after they welcomed their baby girl Charlize. Although Brandon has a wife and two beautiful children and a much more stressful and time consuming position, he still finds time to enjoy his hobby. He will admit it has changed from the old days of sleeping in the back of his truck with his old hunting dog Jinx to now having his whole family in tow in a full size camper with all the much needed amenities! Let’s not forget, just as he followed in his dad’s footsteps, he is blessed to have his own little mini version of himself, his son Connor, following in his footsteps .Today Brandon can happily say all of his dreams have come true.

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