Mark Haight

Mark Haight was born October 27, 1957. He was raised in Johnsonburg Pennsylvania by Father Don, Mother Lucille along with a younger brother and two younger sisters.  Mark spent most of his time in the great outdoors and when he wasn’t chasing wild animals, he was chasing his high school crush Lori Condon. She finally said yes to a date after much persistence on Mark’s behalf and in 1978 the two were married and are still going strong today!  On October 27, 1980, on Mark’s 23rd birthday his wife gave birth to their first child, Tosha Marie Haight, and on June 30, 1982 Mark’s second child was born, Brandon Scott Haight.

Three years later the family moved to Arizona and Mark’s future in the dirt and demolition industry began. Today, Mark is the President of three large and growing businesses.  Just as his businesses have grown, so has his family. He now enjoys spending his time off with his Yorkshire terrier Sissy, who waits patiently for him to come home each night, his two children and four grandchildren. Mark is definitely kept quite busy with work and his four grandkids but, still finds time and enjoys chasing wild animals on the weekends just as he did in his younger years growing up in Pennsylvania. Although he loves his grandkids, dog and hunting, Mark’s favorite hobby today is still chasing that high school crush and love of his life, Lori Haight.

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